Disease of puppies: big dangers for small dogs
Puppies and old dogs are the biggest "risk group" among all Pets. They often suffer the most dangerous diseases that can lead to serious complications or even death, and that's…

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Decorative Guinea pig skinny
With Kinney (Skinny) – today one of the most popular and exotic types of Guinea pigs, resembling small hippos. A feature of this breed is the lack of the coat…

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Interesting facts about Pets

Living together with Pets, people often notice some features of their behavior. This is not surprising because each animal is an individual with his peculiarities and even sometimes weird. Offer you to get acquainted with some little-known facts from the lives of Pets.

– A cat can travel great distances in order to reach their home or owner. Their amazing ability to intuitively choose the road helps them in this difficult case.

– The cat licks her fur not only to make it clean. So she licks extremely necessary for life substance, which contains vitamin D. Also, the licking is a kind of a ritual for maintaining psychic balance of the animal.

– The front paws of cats can rotate in almost any direction and both halves of the cat’s cells – in opposite directions.

Cat ears can rotate 180 degrees.

– The hearing of a cat is unique – she can hear the ultrasonic waves, which is why it can trap and immovable rodent.

– Cat’s eye occupy the largest area in percentage to the whole body of all living beings.

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Unusual Pets that you can make a home

Increasingly, the residents become exotic iguanas. Beautiful green color reptile perfectly adapted to any environment, accustomed to the owner and are well trained. First equip a place to live iguana. It will suit a terrarium of 150 liters, the walls of which are equipped with special lamps. When the content of iguanas is very important to choose the right diet consisting of green leafy vegetables, fruits, but you can also buy ready-made specialized food. The adult size can reach two metres and weigh 5 pounds. Before you buy, think carefully about your decision, as iguanas are not cheap.

Some people are afraid of tarantulas, but actually they are absolutely not dangerous. Large, beautiful color spiders also can become your Pets. To properly determine the breed of tarantula you will help the employee of the pet store, because we need to buy a spider that will not bring harm to you or family members. Depending on the size of your pet pick the right size of the cage. If you buy a cub, you should not opt for a small glass box. Buy even for the baby tarantula terrarium. It is important to maintain humidity at 50%, but if the index decreases,it can become ruinous. The main food your pet will be crickets, insects. Prepare them yourself or buy in any pet store in the animal feed Department. The lifespan of male tarantulas is not more than 12 years, while females can reach 30 years.

For home maintenance specially bred dwarf breed, who even as adults don’t grow up to large sizes. But when buying be sure to verify with the seller that the animal is purebred. Otherwise, you can become the owner of a meat breed that grows significantly. Continue reading

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