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Pets and animals

Why do we have the need to communicate with our smaller brethren? Who knows. But the fact remains, for thousands of years a number of us have neighbors. Sometimes it’s loyal friends and servants, benefactors and sometimes guards, sometimes amusing companion or interesting object of observation. Before you make them, I would like to know what they bring, what is useful and what troubles can trap the one who decided to settle in my home “roommate”.

Almost family members: Pets

Favorites rating – dogs. They lived near us for centuries. They were shepherds, guards, educators, hunters, and, in the end, just close friends. Over the years man and nature have brought dozens of breeds, each with their own talents, personality and appearance, its drawbacks. The choice of dogs is not a simple matter. To paraphrase a famous saying: “Tell me what kind of dog do you have, and I’ll tell you who you are”.

In no way inferior to dogs, cats, wayward, not manageable, but no less beloved. Communication with cats also useful are positive emotions and the prevention of many diseases and depression.

With these creatures we have personal relationships – we see their character and habits, they show respect to us the devotion and vernosti, often, regarded almost as family members.

The group of companions you can include rabbits, ferrets, rats, and even meerkats. These cute animals are well tamed and easily find common language with the man, answering him with sincere affection, though not so long ago began to live with him. However, in order to have a rabbit does not need a lot of money and effort, but the ferret, and especially meerkat – is another matter.

The atmosphere of Eden: birds and fish

Is it possible to merge these long-standing pet person in one group? Perhaps, you can. They have a common quality: they are contained locally in the aquarium or cage and the joy of communicating with them rather contemplative. Aquarium with fish – the original interior decoration, and watching him is one of the finest forms of relaxation. And birds, especially in the East, has always been considered an attribute of cozy home – their chirping or a bright color found numerous fans. The most highly organized of them – parrots – often become companions to their owners.

For curious naturalists

But those who want to watch the life of a small parallel space, choose rodents, reptiles, reptiles, insects. And if the cute hamster or Guinea pig common Pets, the Python or the tarantula, a Madagascar cockroach or chameleon are much less common and having those who really love something non-trivial.

Today there is the opportunity to make dozens of different animals, but they all require one thing – responsibility, love and care. So, check: do you have enough time, health and money to afford this pleasure.

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Interesting facts about Pets
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