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Decorative Guinea pig skinny

With Kinney (Skinny) – today one of the most popular and exotic types of Guinea pigs, resembling small hippos. A feature of this breed is the lack of the coat on the body of the animal. Small patches of hair are only on the head, legs and shoulders skinny. The body length of Guinea pig skinny is about 35 centimeters. To touch the skin of the pig resembles a soft velvety velour fabric. Despite the name Skinny, which means a large number of Russian words: skinny, “skin and bones”, thin, this little piggy is a very fat animal with a short neck, an oval head and bulging round eyes, a color which usually matches the main color of the pig. The skinny broad well developed chest, smooth legs with movable fingers which holds animal feed and with which moves. Skinny pigs have virtually no peculiar smell and does not cause allergic reactions.

The history of Guinea pigs skinny

This kind of Guinea pigs appeared not so long ago in Canada in the laboratory Including Reverse in 1976. The kind of Guinea pigs without hair was the result of different dermatological experiments. At that time all were skinny albinos with red eyes. All these years breeders have worked hard to breeding Guinea pigs and have made their raznoobraznaya and strengthen the immune system.

In the USA skinny jeans are still not recognized as a separate breed Guinea pigs.

And interesting fact: until the 19th century the Guinea pig was very expensive. So buy a Guinea pig could only very wealthy people.

Guinea pig skinny: content, care, food

P ecause skinny – bald Guinea pig . for this animal it is important to equip a warm and cozy home. And although the body temperature of pigs is 38 degrees (that’s why to touch the skin of the animal seems hot), she does not tolerate temperature changes. Therefore contain skinny jeans is best in a terrarium measuring 80 cm in length and about 40 cm in width, and not in the outdoor cage. At the bottom of the cage should be on the pallet, and the walls be made of transparent plastic. Pan to strew with sawdust (not very small, so as not to injure the delicate skin of the animal!), which should be changed every week. Instead you can use sawdust pellets wood filler. Cage skinny is desirable to put on a stand or Cabinet, not in a passage place, because this pig is very shy.

T emperature air in the room where your pet lives must be from 18 to 25 degrees. You should avoid dusty areas as this can lead to diseases of the respiratory system of the animal. The Guinea pig the skinny in the cage should always be available fresh balanced feed and clean water in the drinker that change 1 times per day.

What concerns feeding skinny, then you should know that these animals eat three times more of their “wool” brethren, to maintain constant their body temperature. The best option of the diet of pigs is considered to be 60% hay and 20% solid food and the remaining 20% of succulent feeds. Guinea pig skinny needs a regular receive of vitamin C because they can not synthesize it on their own. To make up the animal body in this vitamin can fruit, add to the bowl of vitamin C or a special complex of vitamins.

With eno skinny you need to definitely give, it is best if it will be grass. Also useful are for pigs and corn feed, which are a source of fiber, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and proteins. A very useful decorative Guinea pigs and skinny oats, corn, peas. Love this pet, and wheat, barley, sunflowers (to feed you need to add chalk, table salt, vitamins). But the most tasty treat for skinny will be cookies, Apple slices, nuts, hips.

With Kinney not very fastidious in food. They will happily eat lettuce, cabbage, spinach, beets, carrots, melon, tomatoes, peppers. This is useful for varieties of hairless Guinea pigs and clover, dandelion, nettle, plantain, which can always be found on the street near the house in the warmer months. Fed to the pigs as grasses and medicinal. But the potato, eggplant, avocado, garlic, radish, radish and mushrooms is not advisable! It would be useful to give skinny twigs of fruit trees or any other solid food that the pig was able to grind down the constantly growing teeth. To feed skinny should 2 times a day, preferably at the same time.

With should regularly monitor the cleanliness of the room and the cage in which lives a skinny pig, and hygiene of the animal. We should not forget about the nail clipping pigs, cleaning the ears of dirt, the rinsing animal swab dipped in warm water. Bathe the pigs very rarely. The skin of the animal can be cleaned with wet wipes or children’s supernem.

P lease protect a Guinea pig skinny from falls of even small heights. Because this can lead to rupture of the intestine, and thus to death of the animal. Also you can’t give the skinny to starve. Already after 2 days of hunger strike can lose the animal. Interesting to know how many live Guinea pigs skinny . Their life expectancy is about 8-10 years.

Breeding Guinea pigs skinny

And yet that skinny pigs are renowned for their fecundity. So the problems with breeding this species pigs from breeders does not occur. Females reach sexual maturity at the age of 4-9 months (the optimal time for mating 5 months) the males a little earlier – in 3-6 months (the optimal time for mating 6 months).

After delivery the female should rest against subsequent pregnancy at least 5 months. Pregnancy in Guinea pigs skinny on average lasts 2 months (65 days) depending on the size of the litter. The offspring bring at any time of the year.

These cute animals with good character will delight their owners every day. Skinny easily tamed, they are very docile and friendly. Reviews about Guinea pigs skinny — these sociable and peaceful animals exclusively positive. Buy and learn about how much is skinny in a specialty nursery.

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