If a guy against buying a pet

It often happens that girls are faced with the reluctance of her boyfriend to have any kind of pet. To solve this problem, need to figure out the real reason of the refusal of the guy.

Try to talk to him calmly and slowly, let him prove his point. Perhaps his argument will be more convincing than, for example, Allergy. However, this situation has a way out, you only need to choose an animal. To coat the cat did not cause an allergic reaction, get a Sphinx. The breed is unpretentious, and almost never causes allergies.

If the guy explains the refusal of your continued employment, you should really consider whether you have enough time. After all, any pet requires grooming. However, for example, a cat is not as problematic as a dog. So, if you know what time the walking in the morning and evening is not enough, then get a dog don’t need. If the reason for his refusal only that he doesn’t like animals, it is necessary to instil a sense of love for them.

There are such animals who are willing to move even the most hard person. It is necessary to track what animals are the most lovely and often arrange for them to meet such animals. In any scenario, you impose by force, but only encourage such contact. For example, if friends have a cat, then let your guy hold him in my arms and stroke. Even try to show how lack of house pet, and how to be well and have fun with it.

Can, casual walking, to have a guy in the pet store and the bird market. These little guys usually touches all. Looking at them, describe your feelings and joy. After some time he will think about his categorical answer.

If the answer is the guy is categorical, then compromise. Invite to have a really low maintenance animal that does not require special care. It can be fish, hamster, mouse, chinchilla, or something like that. These animals will never bother, but the feeling that someone is home. And the guy better first to try to get along with small Pets, then it is easier to agree on much.

It is important not to make a century problem. Also as you have the right to want pet, the guy has a right return it does not want, and in this regard you are equal. Try to solve all the problems peacefully, without scandal.

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