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The most intelligent breeds of cats

The furry animal is very difficult to force to do what he is asked. Rather my cat will learn everything by imitation.

These animals are not only smart, and the memory of them is excellent. They remember where their food and are well able to produce it ourselves, following, as I open the door people, and to repeat the procedure the foot. If you ever open the door “meow”, the cat will remember it and next time will ask her to open exactly the same way.

So what breed of cats are the most intelligent? And is it possible to identify someone by awarding a gold medal of excellence?


To date, the most intelligent in the world are considered to be Siamese cats. Their appearance is admired. And sky-blue eyes are intelligent and piercing, and cause you to fulfill any desire.

Siamese cat is very affectionate to people and loves communication. She is affectionate, lively, intelligent, loves children. We must not forget that this breed is highly jealous. The Siamese also differ curiosity and can change tone of voice to explain what she wants.


Orientality could not get a rating of the most intelligent breeds of cats. Look at the breed’s slim, elegant, flexible, but very strong. And his eyes have a very lively sparkle.

Oriental breed kasekuchen friendly. And the ability to bind to the host is amazing.

Feature and nature – love to be the center of attention, and the playfulness they keep to old age.


This breed is not widely spread because of their unusual appearance. But if you do not focus on the appearance, you will find that Sphynx are very affectionate and affectionate.

Favorite game is hide and seek. And look pet you have there, to higher ground. Also these cats are friendly animals and terribly curious.

British Shorthair

These cats are very beautiful and affectionate. When the host leaves, though they miss you, but find the occupation that can be stretched until the return of a loved one. And the British love to talk.


If you browse all smart breed of cats, the Bengalis, probably the only one who loves the water. Even you will be surprised that they have a well-developed “speech” – they can pronounce sounds such as chirping, squeaking and yelling.


These animals are very sociable, able to get along not only with other dogs, but friendly with dogs. Baltiiyskie most cats suffering from loneliness animals.


These short-legged animals are very smart, like to hide their favorite things. Munchkin self-confident person and a true realist.

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