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Exotic Pets

Pets always bring home a lot of joy, so today almost every house boasts of your pet. Some people prefer to have a quiet and peaceful fish, someone more like funny rodents, well, someone decides to have a real friend – a dog or a cat. Exotic Pets are increasing in our homes.

There are also people who wish to have at home an exotic other, for example, status in society or simply for the love of a specific animal.

Exotic Pets

However, they do not think that most exotic animals are not suited to life in captivity, therefore, as a rule, in such conditions they live only a few years or even less. This article will talk about what exotic animals are most common among Pets.

Exotic Pets – a tarantula

This giant spider is known to all. Tarantulas are considered to be dangerous spiders, though not actually represent a particular threat to humans. Tarantulas are rarely aggressive and their venom can generally be considered harmless for an adult person. Poisonous tarantulas are never sold in pet stores and to go into the jungle after them, hardly anyone will want. Choosing this giant, it should be remembered that males in captivity can live for only two years, while females can live even twenty years.

Korotkovata protein This funny animal can be found in Australia, where pet is more known under the name Sugar marsupial flying squirrel. Called flying squirrels because of their ability to make long jumps from one tree to another, the distance of which can reach 45 meters. Squirrels are very friendly, so easy-going with people. In captivity the animals are not very comfortable, because by nature they are nocturnal creatures. In addition, people themselves would not be very nice, because at night, the animal will constantly make noise, and to sleep during the day, so you can admire its beauty is unlikely to succeed. The cell where the protein needs to be equipped with natural branches, resembling real wood.

Scorpio Perhaps many will be surprised to learn that someone starts at home of these dangerous creatures. Scorpions don’t like people’s attention, and may even harm them, but it does not stop many owners. Perhaps they like amazing looking Scorpions, and maybe they just want to brag to your friends. The most popular type of Scorpion is the Emperor Scorpion, which today are on the verge of extinction because of too active capture.

Exotic Pets – the piranha

All known fish piranha also belong to the most popular exotic pet. Piranhas are very dangerous predators, so before to take them, you need to think carefully several times. If you compare the piranha with the usual ornamental fish, in size they are much larger, so I have to stock a large aquarium. Note that piranhas do not like loneliness, so you need to take at least three fish. To settle near the piranha fish of another species is not desirable, however, if predators are very well fed and have plenty of space, this combination is possible.

Exotic Pets – Kinkajou

This creature every year becomes more and more admirers because of his incredibly friendly disposition. The animals live in South and Central America. In captivity can live even up to forty years, with proper care and nutrition. The basis of nutrition are fruits, but animals also often eat insects. Despite the friendliness and peacefulness of the animals, should be more careful, because in case of danger they can even bite their owner. Though the bite is not fatal, it is quite dangerous due to the bacteria present in the saliva of the animal, and very painful. As an example, secular lioness Paris Hilton, in which he lived, kinkajou Baby love. The animal repeatedly bites his owner, as a result, she was in the hospital.

Exotic Pets – the Bengal cat

This little-known animal, since the breed was developed more recently. A Bengal cat is a hybrid of an ordinary cat with a far-Eastern cat. Outwardly the cat is very similar to its distant ancestor, but the character is more similar to the usual good-natured kitties. Bengal cats are big money, so they can afford only the rich people. At the end of the 20th century, a pure-bred Bengal cat required 42 thousand dollars.

Exotic Pets – Snakes

Someone these creatures are wildly afraid, but someone puts a lot of money for them. In any case, to care for the snakes at home is very hard. Even harmless snakes can pose a threat to humans, they are also very demanding in care. Snakes are natural – born predators that need lots of space and fresh game. These creatures don’t want to always sit in his enclosure, so they will definitely find a way to sneak out of the cell. And yet, all of this for many is not an obstacle.

Exotic Pets – Monkeys

When monkeys are small, they look very funny and cute, because they are so similar to human babies. After a while the animals grow from cute creatures turn into very demanding Pets. Monkeys are always in need of attention and care, and if they do not get, they begin to show aggression. These animals are so intelligent that people will have to work hard to cater to the whims of monkeys.

Exotic Pets – hedgehogs

Funny hedgehogs look very cute, so people very often give birth in their homes. They are not very demanding in care, their needles are actually not as sharp as it seems, besides hedgehogs unlike dogs do not need constant walking.

Exotic Pets – the Axolotl

This exotic animal lives on lake Texcoco, which is located in Mexico city. Scientists have always been interested in this animal, because he can regenerate almost any part of the body. Recently, the axolotl has become very popular as a pet, because of its amazing appearance and unusual abilities. Despite the fact that the animal has legs, spend their lives in water. If you want to purchase this lovely creation, should stock up in advance of a huge aquarium, because the axolotl can grow to giant size. Home to contain the animal is very simple, because it is quite taxing

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