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Thai cat breed

The Thai cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats existing in the world.

Thai cats, which is sometimes called starobinskii, are of Siamese origin, which has not changed under the impact of the standards. And Thai and Siamese originating from the former Kingdom of Siam, now Thailand.

Vodilos just a sort of a rarity in this land, and belonged to cats of the Royal family. Of course, because they were considered as guides of souls of noble personages in the world of eternal rest.

The people of the country worshipped amazing creatures, poets dedicated to them poignant poetic lines, and the royals took care of rare cats as a precious relic. Only in the late 19th century Siamese cats became from time to time to leave the Fatherland. And here since then the history of the breed splits in two.

Part Siamese was subjected to intensive crossbreeding with other breeds, resulting in their appearance has undergone some changes: there are new types of color, the body lines became more elongated, the backbone is lighter, and the head took a wedge shape.

The other part remained intact, as enthusiasts of the natural appearance of these cats has made considerable efforts in order to preserve all the characteristic features of the breed. Due to this, the traditional type Siamese look segodnyaschy also looked like the Royal Pets for many centuries. Now, representatives of this – which retain their original appearance – branches proudly are called Thai cats.

The origin of the Thai breed has several versions, one with these beautiful animals came from eleven different cats that all his history lived in Thailand and was brought to Europe in 1880.

This pair was the first that appeared in England. It is believed that its representatives were taken by one of the ambassadors of great Britain. By all standards brought the cats are fully consistent with the Siamese breed.

By the end of the 60s the complexion of traditional Siamese cats was gradually replaced by a much more slender physique with high and slim legs, and an elongated triangular head. The appearance of the traditional Siamese breed survived in its pure form, and in the hybrids with the European cats who inherited from her typical color and blue eyes.

These Siamese cats with a more rounded physique and more affectionate, but more restrained character won a large number of fans.

To date, the Thai cat is externally fully consistent with its Siamese relative to the period of XVIII-XIX centuries.

Thai the cat is also called the traditional or Apple-holonym Siam. Her face remained round, resembling an Apple, the body has not lost its muscularity, and gait – former grace.

The Shi is a small, splayed, eyes of blue, shape of lemon or almond. Tail of medium length, with pointed tip.

Wool from the Thai cat is short and thick, the tail is not very long, but her eyes were still splashing the blue sky and supernatural intelligence. Yes, these cats characteristic of an unusually sharp mind.

Characteristics of the breed color color-point, in which the body remains light in color, while the legs, tail, a “mask” on the muzzle is painted in darker colors. This kind of color belongs to acromelanism – one of the types of albinism, partial loss of pigment.

With this color, stronger pigmented those body parts that have been removed from the main mass and stronger cooled. Besides, being the animal temperature, in a cold room, the cat quickly darkens.

This fact must be considered when maintaining the light color of wool. This feature is used in the preparation of Thai cats breed for exhibitions – they are placed in a warm room or dressed in special clothes.

Most common black color of the limbs, there are also brown, blue – grey, violet, caramel points colour.

The fur can be heterogeneous and disperse bright stripes – tabby coat. This type is not typical for Thai cats, he was received in the absence of prohibitions on interpedigree crossing.

With age, hair all over the body becomes darker cats. The undercoat is quite rare, mainly in cats bred in Russia, initially the Thai breed standard wasn’t designed for the undercoat.

The Thai cat is very active. Even in adulthood they love to play with other cats and with humans. Any new toy will be investigated with such diligence that the principle of operation of even the most cunning of the mechanism will be concealed from the attention of cats.

Scrutiny will be subjected to all the drawers, cupboards and shelves cabinets. Direct brilliant abilities in the right direction – do some training Thai cats and you will get trained, obedient and intelligent friend.

This is a very affectionate animals, loving human society. Even if all members of the family, in which cats live, giving them attention, they especially become attached to one person.

They show their love, seeking physical contact, jumping on shoulders and climbing to her knees. If they are frightened, they will seek redress from the owner.

With kids animals exhibit tolerance, allow you to take yourself in hand, especially if accustomed to it from childhood. And note – if the pet will not agree with your point of view, he certainly will tell you about it. These affectionate cats are incredibly “talkative” and not get bored!

Kittens are especially playful, so the curtains should be fixed higher, the animal will gradually understand that playing with them is not recommended, then you can return them to the place.

Among the advantages of Thai cat breeds is their simplicity in diet, and care. Despite his noble origin, the Thais eat what their owners teach.

Of course, it is desirable to include in the daily menu foods rich in vitamins so that the pet will continue pleasing his indefatigable activity and good health. Short coat care requires little, and most importantly – it almost does not fade, so the extra effort of cleaning the house with the appearance of a Thai not required.

A more companionable pet than Thai cats are not easy to find. They are so firmly attached to the host, I didn’t want to leave it for a minute. They need to constantly be aware of your business, so they will follow you closely and to take an active part in all events.

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