Pets for children 2-3 years
Friends, welcome to the site "Pets"! Every caring owner of the home on the farm. Code 3315 - For children from 3 years old song about a cartoon voice who…

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Once your kid can ask about buying a pet — do not deny.
This "gift" is a future family member and friend for your child, the key to his development as a person. Certainly not worth buying the first animal. The choice should…

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Other animals: Reptiles, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, chipmunks


From reptiles in aquariums in most cases contain aquatic turtles. The most common representatives of reptiles — trinixy and red-turtle. Remember that turtles can breathe easy and spend some time on land, so they need the Islands to which they can escape. Turtles better to keep separate from the fish, since growing up, they begin to hunt them. In addition to water, we also offer a wide range of tortoises, iguanas. as well as the accessories for their dwelling.

At the pet store “Discus” you will always be able to buy the desired individual from available, and order are quite rare reptiles. In addition to animals, in the presence of available accessories for the habitat and care of reptiles.


Pet shop “Discus” offers you to buy parrots, finches, Kanarek, different colors. You can purchase already available-birds, as well as order a specific bird with a specific colour.

For all bird lovers, we offer you to visit our store, which collects all sorts of products for birds, ranging from food and finishing with fillers and cells and accessories for them. The wide assortment contains the most popular and affordable goods. Have you neglegance, cages, toys, food, treats, wheels and rutting pit for birds, as well as other accessories for your Pets.


At home, the most often from rodents, you can meet Guinea pigs, hamsters. rabbits, decorative mice and rats.

Hamsters are one of the most simple to care animals. Small, fluffy clumps can easily become a good friend to You and Your children.

At the pet store “Discus” you can buy hamsters. and cages (terrariums), food, houses, excellent wheels and other accessories. We will be free of charge will advise you on caring for your furry purchase.


If you want to have a cute pet who almost never brings trouble, we recommend that you need to buy chinchilla. This South American rodent has a wonderful fur, quite delicate animals among all. Medium-sized, long-eared and tailed creature, peace and quiet, he will give you a lot of joy fondling.

With us you will always find your furry friend or can acquire it under the order at a low price. You can also buy all the necessary accessories for your future pet.

The chipmunks

The chipmunks — brisk and very trusting animals, which often become heroes of animated films and so so much more. They are easily recognizable by the five dark stripes on back and fluffy tail. They are very clean and do not require a lot of space, so they can be kept even in an apartment. Squirrels also are very easily tamed, and quickly become accustomed to taking food from a hand.

At the pet store “Discus” you can buy chipmunks, accessories for living, food. If you are interested obedinennyi kind of pet that is not not represented here, don’t worry. Come to us and order, and after a few days, you will enjoy the new member of your family!

Cat breeds with ear tufts
Cats are domesticated animals that live beside us and are with him all day. Today there are more than one hundred breeds of cats. A special place in the list…


Pets for children 2-3 years
Friends, welcome to the site "Pets"! Every caring owner of the home on the farm. Code 3315 - For children from 3 years old song about a cartoon voice who…