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The clinical diagnosis of internal diseases of animals
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Cat breeds with ear tufts

Cats are domesticated animals that live beside us and are with him all day. Today there are more than one hundred breeds of cats. A special place in the list of Pets is a cat with ear tufts. Animals of this breed resemble in their appearance with wild forest cats, which are wild hunters, able to see in the dark. Pets have acquired the ability to coexist with man, but fierce warriors their ancestors have preserved. There are several cat breeds with the tips of his ears brush.

Maine Coon

This is the biggest and best known cat breeds with ear tufts. Furry creatures are friendly in nature, love children . I like to communicate with the owner and are not afraid of water.

The Maine Coon is a very gentle, but at the same time, and hardy cat, loving the hunt and active games.

An adult cat can weigh up to twelve or fifteen pounds, and reach a length of up to one meter.

Animals have a very pleasant voice, and can for a long time “talking” with his master.

Admirable half-meter luxurious tail and pet his long coat which can be of different colors.

In cats, the Maine Coon is a broad, powerful paws, salinemuseum and a rather massive head.

To accustom the animals of this breed is easy enough. They are peaceful, intelligent, affectionate and loyal Pets that are very attached to their owner.

How to care for a pet of the breed Maine Coon

To the toilet the kitten will get used sooner, but since he will grow quickly, it is necessary to take care of a large tray .

The pet will be required to supply two containers for water and for food. It is best if the bowls are made of stainless steel or glass.

Adult cat Maine Coon you may have a need for privacy, so it is very important that she had her own house. When the animal is kept in it, it is better not to touch. Pet needs to feel safe.

To care for the cats of this breed easily enough. Only need every few days to comb their fur . If you have a good scratching posts, in the order of their claws they support themselves.

Eat Maine Coons

It is important that the cat bowl was always fresh drinking water. Since animals are very sensitive to chlorine, it is desirable to filter the water.

For Pets to have dry food, with which teeth can be maintained in a healthy condition. For this fit food of super premium class.

For cats useful: raw beef or veal . cottage cheese, quail eggs, cream, boiled chicken.

Do not feed the animal with raw pork, fish and cod liver.

Now the Maine Coon breed is experiencing a peak of popularity and therefore included in the list of the most expensive breeds.

Norwegian forest cat

As the distinctive features of the breed, brushes these animals is not as marked . like Maine Coons.

Cat has a big build and long, dense coat, which gives the animal a visual volume. How would a two-layer coat has a waterproof ability, so the pet will not get wet even under heavy rain.

Norwegian forest cats have large paws, with which they can easily descend from a tree headfirst.

A distinctive feature Pets of this breed are their slanted, almond-shaped eyes.

Males can weigh up to seven kilograms.

Pets can often fade, so their coat needs daily care.

Animal is very nice, loves children and gets along with all family members. Easy to get along Norwegian forest cat and the other Pets. They behave decently and elegantly. Revenge never will be, and if it something does not like it, then just leave.

Siberian cat

Refer these animals to breed semi-longhair . Their small ear tufts can be expressed quite clearly or not visible at all.

Body type Siberian cats are massive, with large enough limbs.

The tail is very bushy, wide and has medium length.

Long whiskers and eyebrows give the cats of this breed a special charm.

Expressive and big eyes can be yellow or green.

The color of Siberian cats mostly gray with brown, yellowish or black interwoven.

The fur of the pet should be brushed three to four times a week.

Animals have a peculiar character, quite intelligent, love to play and love children.


This rare breed of cats, appearance which resembles a miniature lynx .

Beast has a massive build, powerful, long legs and a short tail.

Their soft coat can be either short or long.

Their wide muzzle and a chin grows a thick coat.

Cats breed Pixie-Bob have a character similar to that of a dog. Pets can easily be trained to output and to walk on a leash. Walks they love. And they love to talk, so we must be prepared for permanent maucau. The peculiarity of the breed that they need close contact with people. Without it, animals can run wild.


This breed was the result of crossing a domestic cat and jungle cat .

In animals, short coat and a dense, thick undercoat.

Coat color can be silver, brown, gold, black. Regardless, the ear tufts and tip of tail always black.

Cats have a muscular build, small paws and long limbs.

Their weight can reach fifteen pounds.

The ears are big. At the base they are broad, and narrow at the tip and end visible brushes.

Color large slanted eyes can be from light green to amber.

Comb the cats of this breed needs only during molting. From time to time they need to clean eyes, ears and the need to fully washed.

Sausi is an active cat . not loving the loneliness. They easily get along with children and prefer to participate in all the Affairs of the household. Animals of this breed are very inquisitive, so it is recommended that all Windows to close the mosquito net “Antikoshka”. Otherwise the pet can, watching or playing with something, jump.

Sometimes ear tufts can occur in domestic cats with long hair and big build. It is believed that their ancestors descended from lynx, and lived in the woods.

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