Application Fosprenila: tips owner
This page provides a brief overview on the use of the drug Fosprenil for Pets available for owners form. The city with bad environment and high stress has a negative…

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What can we learn from animals
Pets save us from loneliness and stress. And they are able to teach us important lessons. life – of course, provided that we're watching them closely and love them for…

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Advice to owners to Help homeless animals

Daily because of irresponsible owners there are hundreds of kittens and puppies. Add to that number the offspring of stray animals on the streets, and the result is frightening. In modern society, Pets must be raised the following respect: to throw and kill animals is a crime, and to breed if they have no special requirements..

How to train your cat to walk in the tray?

Any cat tends to defecate in something loose and dry. This passion she owes to her distant ancestor of the wild cat inhabiting the deserts of Africa. And we will use this. From the first days in your house will depend on the further behavior of the animal. Better in the first two days with a new animal to be permanently and restrict his mistape..

10 requests of a dog to its future owner.

10 requests of a dog to its future owner. 1. I will live only ten years. Any separation from you will cause me suffering. Think about it, before you take me.2. Try to give me time to think, what is it you require of me.3. Grow in me the confidence – I’m going to live them.4. Don’t be mad at me for long and don’t lock me as punishment! The Vedas..

How to befriend two cats or cats?

Often in a family where one already lives a cat has, people want to take another kitten or older cat/the cat. Let me give You a few tips on how to establish otnosheniakh Pets, if one of them or both are configured unfriendly. Possible causes:1. Territorial aggression. If an adult animal in its territory will see another belly..

Our smaller friends. The RAINBOW BRIDGE At the very edge of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies, especially if it has been very loved by someone in this life, it falls on the Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills where our friends can run and play together. There is an abundance of food, water and sunshine, and there our.

Vaccination of dogs and cats

Vaccinations – a problem to which one should pay attention not only to the owners of dogs and cats. The most dangerous and common infectious diseases of dogs: distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis, basinstoke dangerous and common infectious diseases of cats: viral rhinotracheitis, kaltsivirusnaya infection.

If the kitten is left without a mom

Memory USAF”s Muka Kuku of L’etoile is dedicated to Sol. She was a beautiful cat,and tried to be a good mom,but she was gone. I find it difficult and painful to recall it all, but, maybe the experiences I’ve gained will help others.It so happened that I was left alone with three kittens three days on hand. No one to blame, it happened, but I am eternally..

Deworming. How to protect the animal from worms?

Most owners believe that their Pets on heartworm preventive, and can not be. After all, their pet is clean, well maintained, lives with them in the same house, maybe even sleeping in the same bed and eating from the same plate! However, according to various studies, about half of the Pets infected with worms. Helminths cause significant harm..

If a guy against buying a pet
It often happens that girls are faced with the reluctance of her boyfriend to have any kind of pet. To solve this problem, need to figure out the real reason…


Cat breeds with ear tufts
Cats are domesticated animals that live beside us and are with him all day. Today there are more than one hundred breeds of cats. A special place in the list…