How to properly care for the offspring of Guinea pigs
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The content of Guinea pigs

The Guinea pigs are quite large rodents, which can weigh up to 1800 grams, and body length of thirty centimeters. They live from five to eight years. It is absolutely non-corrosive, low maintenance pet, deservedly took the place of Pets in many families.

Guinea pigs are short-haired and long-haired. As there is a rare breed Guinea pigs (Baldwin, Skinny). Same color variations – a great many.

Cage for Guinea pigs

To better contain pigs in cages made of metal, plastic, wood. Cage size should not be less than 60 to 40 centimeters.

Feeders and waterers better to put heavy (ceramic), or their well-fastened to avoid tipping. For grinding teeth put into the cage of branches of some fruit trees.

Filler for cells can be either granulated or ordinary sawdust. Granulated is preferable because they hold the smell better.

If the size of the cage allows, organize a pig toilet – put the litter. This will significantly simplify the care of the pet. The toilet to remove enough time in the day, and the cell can be one or two times a week.

Almost all rodents are afraid of overheating and drafts. The Guinea pig is no exception, so place the cage away from the batteries, direct sunlight and drafts. But coverage should be good.

Food Guinea pigs

In the diet of Guinea pigs 20% – it’s rich fodder, 20% solids of feed, 60% hay. Hay in the cage should always be! Better that it be slightly green and smelling good. It improves digestion, promotes the joining of the teeth, is a source of vitamins and minerals for Guinea pigs.

Do not overfeed pigs with fruit and vegetables, it can cause health problems! Currently, the choice of food for Guinea pigs is quite large. You want the pigs diet was rich in vitamin C. the pet food is made with regard to this requirement, but if a pig loses appetite, weight, she drops the wool, so she has a deficiency of vitamin C, which they are not able to synthesize. In this case, you can add the powder of vitamin C in drinking water of the pet.

To feed the pigs need no more than twice a day for 1-2 tablespoons of food.

Should be excluded from the diet meat, fish, dairy products, poultry, sweet, spicy, salty, smoked. (For some reason people think that all this should be present in the diet of Guinea pigs. ) The flaws in the diet is one of the causes of diseases Guinea pigs.

Also need to fix the cage in chalk or mineral stone. Although not all pigs are gnawing them willingly.

These are the basic requirements for maintenance of Guinea pigs.

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