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Pets for children. Who do you choose?

However, whether to agree to such entreaties. That can give a pet to a child? What difficulties await Your family in the future. And if to buy,: parrot, rodent, dog or other pet? All these and other questions, we analyze in detail in our today’s article.

The article will include the following topics:

Whether to buy a pet for a child?

We know that all animals shed and smell. And yet, for children pre age the positive effect from contact with a pet far outweighs the cost of it.

Children who have a pet, have many advantages which include the possibility of nonverbal communication, they develop a capacity for compassion, care and other important quality. Caring for animals develops children’s self-esteem and real confidence in their abilities. Pet owners know firsthand that such selfless love, devotion and sincere affection, they know more about reproduction, babies, illness, and death and grief. And it does not matter who lives the frog or the dog. Small pet owners are more independent that helps them easier to engage in a Mature, responsible age of a teenager. Kids often talk to their Pets, trust them with your secrets. Availability not ability auditclasses later will help children to build trusting relationships with people.

Organizational issues about Pets for kids

Children enough adults for the institution of an animal?

Preschool children are usually too small to assume full responsibility for the animal. They will need your help and repeated reminders to give your pet food or water. But seven or eight-year-old guys can take on the entire burden of responsibility.

Who will take care of a pet child?

Some children quickly tire of their Pets, they lose interest in a new friend, only disappears the charm of novelty. Parents, as a rule, more responsible, necessarily involved in the execution of daily operations to care for animals. Try not to get into “slavery” at a very early stage, the better you can instill good habits in the baby. Be an observer rather than an active helper.

Who do you choose?

Rodent or reptile

Helping your child in choosing a pet, ask him to make a list of qualities that he wants in him. Of course, you need to think about practical things. Any person living in a Studio apartment, don’t come to mind to buy a huge great Dane — in such conditions can become a hindrance, even an annoying little hamster.

Aquarium fish — beautiful Pets for kids age pre. Kids can easily throw food in the aquarium and then to watch him eat fish. Becoming a little older, they will quickly learn to clean the fish tank. Fish can safely be left at home for the weekend, dropping into the aquarium special cubes of food. Caring for the goldfish, children learn responsibility, patience, kindness, and attention.

Pocket Pets

Pocket Pets are small mammals, such as rats, mice and hamsters. They are usually cheap, cheerful, and caring for them requires little effort and cost. Children under the age of seven can learn how to clean the cage, which does not occupy much space. We like Mongolian gerbils they are awake during the day, pretty smart, and, most importantly, their urine does not emit unpleasant odor. All pocket Pets easily escape from the pocket and love to chew everything that gets in the way. Therefore, it is better not to keep in the room where there are computer cables.

This dog’s life…

Given the presence of over 350 dog breeds. there is a pet for every kid, easy for the parent budget. Adult dogs from the shelter idea is good at first glance, but they often have behavior problems, they are less tolerant of small children. The best way — a little puppy. Kids can train him to better feel the position of the owner. Think of how many wonderful Photos can be done! But seriously, the dog will live in your home for many years, so to start look friendly dog at your friends or neighbors and watch will interest to a dog your kid after talking with her, or get lost.

Older cats do not always appear to be around your children. They leave, if they don’t like the noise, but if they get bored of the officious attention of kids, they can retire to a childless couple on a nearby street.

Kittens are unpredictable. At one point they are friendly and playful, another hiss and scratch. Good training, if you have a house full of teenagers. About choosing a kitten we mentioned in previous articles.

Snakes, spiders and other creeping creatures

Forget the stereotypes: the boy in the glasses, faithfully caring for giant snails and Scorpions. If you are squeamish and fussy, try to find the positive side of the hobby of your child. In the end, nothing will heal you faster from various fears and phobias, than the appearance in your bathroom cute tarantula. Before you pay money for an exotic pet, be sure to specify what size reaches the adult stage of this species.

By the way, people of any age can have an aquarium for worms and care for them already. Usually the aquarium is made of aquarium glass, but you can use any small transparent container. There are two main types of worms — earthworms, which your little one can easily find in the garden, and tiger worms living in compost or manure pits. It is very important not to plant the worms of both species in one tank. Put the aquarium in the future the soil and sand layers, throw on top some green leaves and let it worms your little hunter-gatherer found in the garden. Your children will only have to keep the humidity of the soil and watch the worms work their way through the sand and the earthen layers in the aquarium, leaving on the surface of the heap of earth. While you will be added to the aquarium the leaves, the worms will make their intricate movements. However, watching them is quite boring quickly, especially when the layers are mixed, but it does not require you almost no cost.

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