Other animals: Reptiles, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, chipmunks
Reptiles From reptiles in aquariums in most cases contain aquatic turtles. The most common representatives of reptiles — trinixy and red-turtle. Remember that turtles can breathe easy and spend some…

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Why choose school of dog training
Our trainers take an individual approach to each client and solve his problem with a dog, creating a personal work plan. In our training school work only with certified and…

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The most popular Pets

Pet will not let You get bored, but also bring a lot of positive emotions. In our time the world as it is known, is ruled by fashion. And our little brothers she also not spared. So, who should get to be friends, coming to visit you, immediately fainted from emotion and desire “gonna instagram this beauty”?!

1. Decorative pig, aka Mini-piggy

The last few years, mini piggy, Guinea pig or decorative, firmly hold the position of the most fashionable Pets. These pigs have a mind-blowing charm and very sociable, they are deeply attached to the owner, and the owner of them, because they still have to train you! Mini piggy very clean. Their life expectancy up to 30 years. The price of friendship with such a nice conky not less than $ 1000. To buy gilts need only from trusted sellers themselves, otherwise you risk to receive “a pig in a poke”

In the wild chinchillas is now almost gone, but before the extinction of far, thank you, “Mrs. fashion”. These little balls of fur with big eyes very friendly, I like to eat well. The majority of the time chinchillas, doing wash and primping. So they always want to pick up and Pat on the Supersoft fur. Is this pet around $500.

3. Decorative rabbits

There are many breeds of tamilsex. Now the most popular bunnies with drooping ears. Rabbits love attention, and quickly hide in the house, if to offend them. Left unattended these Pets should not be – will gnaw everything that is bad. Cost from $ 60.

Ferrets a small, but immensely active creation will not leave anyone indifferent. Ferrets are very friendly and playful, thanks to this bored with them will not be exact. The price of this fun starts at $ 100.

The most exotic and unusual Pets

If the ferret or the mini piggy, this is not an ordinary pet, next pet, but not exotic name.

1. Spectacle Caiman

Very popular miniature caimans are extraordinary girls. This pet lives in a terrarium, basic activities – sleeping, eating, and escape, if the owner does not start. Pet in the full meaning of these words, it will not, the people he cares about only to feed and to bite your finger if need. The cheapest Cayman costs about $ 150 + terrarium with climate control. To delight those teeth you will be 30 years.

The popularity of this cute Fox obliged long protruding lugs. These foxes are clever and quickly become tame, amenable to the simplest training. But to buy them is very difficult. Price from a few thousand dollars.

3. Sugar possum

These animals are native to Australia. We are familiar with such of their relatives as flying squirrels. Sugar possum is very affectionate and requires special care. The owner of such rarity, should be ready for sleepless nights, because opossums are nocturnal predators. In addition, animals need companionship, not only with owners but also with their own kind, so they usually give birth in pairs. For comfortable existence the opossums need a lot of space, so the owner of this miracle, among the others to make room, and get to the aviary. Animals you can buy on average for $ 300

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