Bad advice groomer
The concept of "grooming" came into life cats and dogs recently. Before the advent of the professional groomers at fur Pets cared for using traditional recipes and simple techniques. Today…

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Useful notes about the animals
So, the grooming! You decided to do it. It does not matter whether you want to transform care for dogs in a business or take care of their own Pets,…

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Pet: who do you choose?

Most of us at some point life asks: What about getting a pet? After all, a pet is a living being that is always there, waiting for you from work that you always happy. Someone will not hesitate to get a kitten, someone will opt for the puppy, and someone prefer fish, hamsters or budgerigars.

In any case, before you make your final choice, it should carefully weigh, decide for yourself, you’re ready for a new family member. Here we offer a brief review of unusual Pets, which today is becoming fashionable to keep at home. Only, it is worth considering that even the smallest animal requires careful maintenance.

Spiders, ants and cockroaches

Yes, we’ll start with invertebrates, and more precisely with spiders. Oddly enough, but in our world, there are many fans of these eight-legged creatures. By the way, spiders are many species, which is difficult to list them. Today gencase only have tarantulas and tarantulas. This is a fairly undemanding residents who do not need special conditions – a fairly small aquarium with dirt soil, temperature 25 degrees. Spiders need to feed small insects, which can be purchased at specialty stores, but you can grow. Tarantulas and tarantulas inherently unaggressive, besides venom glands are usually removed, which makes them safe, but awesome Pets.

About ants a lot of will not speak. They can be found easily – usually in small aquariums with the necessary content. Very often it is a flat aquarium with sand, in which an ant colony can build a house.

Cockroaches also easy to keep. So, a Madagascar hissing cockroach picky eating, eats plants, fruits. It must contain, on average, the aquarium, preferably in pairs, as these insects are very hard to tolerate the loneliness.

Of course, a simple street snails at home few would choose to contain. But Achatina – giant snails is now the peak of fashion. They are unpretentious in food, contained very easily, but because of their sizes (between 12 to 30 cm) require a suitable aquarium. Reproduce rapidly, causing their price recently plummeted, which only increased their popularity.

Snakes also became possible to make at home. In General, the list is quite large, so to list everyone to keep at home, we will not. Will only mention snakes, snakes and pythons. To contain the snakes in the home are heavier than spiders. First, they need a large terrarium, and secondly, will have to feed them living food. For runners contraindicated adult rats, as they can choke on. It is best to feed newborn rats or mice. By the way, one of the problems of the content is the regular snake searching for food for them: pet shops, private owners. Not always in stock there are rats the right size, so most owners prefer to breed snakes at home rats. It should be noted that Python will have to feed not only rats, but also larger animals or birds, which is not acceptable for all. To keep snakes at home – it means the maximum responsible approach to their keeping, feeding and treatment.

Perhaps the demand for lizards, in recent years, decided to start growing rapidly. Many people mistakenly think that the contents of the same iguana or chameleon is a simple aquarium and regular feedings. This is not so. First, lizards, and spiders, to feed on insects. Secondly, the aquarium should be spacious with a UFO-lamp, fitting this type of lighting, but also control humidity and temperature. Lizard is quite skittish animals, which are almost impossible to tame. In addition, at home they are often sick, because of what the owners have to spend a lot of time on their treatment, diet and other delights of the contents. To keep lizards at home is recommended for those who are planning to do it seriously.

Many of you have probably already thought about parrots. Yes, the parrot is already accustomed to. The right food that you can buy at the pet store, spacious cage, regular communication and observance of a temperature mode – here almost everything you may need for colorful joy to talk can be taught.

But parrots are far from the only birds who decided to keep at home. Recently in Vogue is a small breed of owls: sikici, Scops owl, long-eared owl. They are carnivores, predators. That is, their content involves feeding raw meat and living food in the form of rats, mice and other small rodents. About where to take them, we wrote above. In addition, owls need large cages. More precisely, in very large, since they need to fly. Therefore, the content of these birds rests in the question of space in the apartment or house.

In General, this is not a complete list of those who can and want to become a full member of your family. And who is to choose from several exotic list is up to you.

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