Pets are beneficial for children with autism
The presence of the family some pet improves social skills of the child, which is very important for those who suffer from autism. Moreover, scientists say — will benefit not…

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Exotic Pets
Pets always bring home a lot of joy, so today almost every house boasts of your pet. Some people prefer to have a quiet and peaceful fish, someone more like…

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Problems with your pet?

Every owner with the appearance of a pet getting a lot of questions, which can be difficult to find the answer: how to properly care for a pet? Than his need to feed him to grow up active and healthy? What if he suddenly got sick? Your questions answered by experts – veterinarians, breeders with years of experience and owners of rodents, which already had a chance encounter with pobednyi problems.

The most important thing about rodents

Perhaps the most embarrassing moment in cohabitation with cute slider turtle is her illness. Unfortunately, to prevent some of the disease almost impossible. Let’s learn what can hurt these beautiful creatures.

To choose the right name for a pet was never an easy thing. But if Your pet is a freshwater pond slider turtle, then certainly. But it is not so difficult as it seems. Read the article and you’ll know it.

In nature, turtles of this species inhabit water bodies with fresh water and low muddy shores. But now one of them settled in your apartment, where you need to create housing close to their natural habitat. Find out what requirements must meet the correct vivariums for red-turtle.

In nature turtles independently grind off claws. However, settling in on soft sawdust autostavrroute reptile forgets what natural erasing. Therefore, the owner should carefully monitor the length of the claws of your pet and from time to time to cut them.

There are many species of aquatic and terrestrial turtles. Our advice is only approximate recommendations to ensure that your Pets feel good. Every owner needs to be a book for keeping and feeding it is the kind of reptiles which it contains.

Slider turtle is the most popular species of freshwater turtles, occurring in many homes around the world. We will tell you about how to take care of this type of turtles at home, what to feed them in the aquarium as they do.

We do not understand the language of animals, and sometimes it is so necessary. How to understand what wants to say to You pet?

Owners of hamsters nevernyaka faced with this problem, but who are going to have a hamster, this article will be useful.

The ideal cage for a hamster should include a bowl for food and water, a tray, a bed, ladders, mazes, and games wheel. All this is necessary to maintain the normal life of the animal: the satisfying of hunger and thirst, sleep, stool and outdoor games. But what if the hamster is not interested in the games area? For example, the running wheel.

Thai cat breed
The Thai cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats existing in the world. Thai cats, which is sometimes called starobinskii, are of Siamese origin, which has not changed…


Advice to owners to Help homeless animals
Daily because of irresponsible owners there are hundreds of kittens and puppies. Add to that number the offspring of stray animals on the streets, and the result is frightening. In…