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Exotic animals sale exotic animals

Exotic Pets for apartment believe all animals, except dogs and cats. Therefore, the choice is huge. Most exotic animals are unpretentious and absolutely not dangerous to humans.

Reptiles are exotic animals

It’s turtles. clubology, and scaly crocodiles. These animals cause the simultaneous love and fear. And some of them can be dangerous to humans and others never take root in the apartment.

Huge stupidity can be considered as the appearance of the apartment venomous snakes. Not having the proper skills and special skills, people can suffer from such an animal. And many snakes also have huge size, and hence the terrarium should be of a suitable size. But there are small and non-venomous snakes. which adapt well to an apartment life and will not be able to harm humans.

Also refer to scaly lizards and duchodci. The main problem with obtaining them can be a menu. These animals feed on meat, insects and grass. Meat eaters are considered to be monitor lizards and can grow very large. While herbivorous lizards will fit into the apartment. Often the choice falls on green iguanas, that are unpretentious, have a very interesting appearance and behave like affectionate cats.

Turtles of different species in principle, unpretentious, but require strict soblyudeniya content specific to their type.

Buying crocodile for keeping at home, do not believe the sellers, the smallest animals of this species grow up to 2 meters. But if not enough of them to feed, so they allegedly didn’t grow, it will only be the mockery of animals.

Exotic birds

In principle, all exotic birds are ideal for home stay, except of course predatory. But can reach large sizes, require proper feeding and care. Such birds is required to release from the cage, otherwise they will suffer obesity.

Exotic mammals

Mammals provide the most extensive selection of animals. This Jerzy. and rodents. and rabbits, and bats, lemurs, and chimps, polecats, and lynxes, and even pigs. But best of all the rodents behave in the apartment. No problems with them at all should not be.

But ferrets in popularity already competing with cats. These animals are very cute and sociable, curious and unpretentious in the content.

Thinking about buying predatory cats, think about what animal is the wild and tame it very difficult. Such an experiment may lead to injury.

Before buying the exotic pet learn more about its maintenance.

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