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Pets and animals
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What are indoor birds?

No one civilization or people were not indifferent to representatives of the feathered Kingdom. All cultures were glorified and revered birds. Many people have or want to have a feathered pet. Some people prefer parrots, and other songbirds.


Parrots are very funny and playful birds. They are able to Express feelings such as joy, sadness, pining, and can play games. But the main feature of these wonderful birds is their ability to imitate the speech of people.

The most talkative can be attributed to Jacot, the Corella and cockatoos. Most interesting is that they can repeat not just a word but a whole phrase, put it during a conversation the owner to where it was.

The most popular are wavy parrots. They are undemanding in care and very friendly. And you can call them long-lived, they can live until 25 years. And since they are small, and do not require a large cage. They quickly get used to people and become a full-fledged family members. They are beautiful and have different colors.

Songbirds, passerine

But bird lovers have not only parrots, and songbirds. These include birds of passerine. For example, finches (Zebra, Japanese), Canaries,wrens, amarantha, waxbills, Chizhou, lentils ordinary.


Very beautiful, various kinds and colors, cheerful birds finches. Do not cause special difficulties in caring for them. Like all birds, the plumage of the male is slightly brighter than females, but these differences are significant only in the mating season. The beak of these birds texture as wax, in females it is reddish-orange, and males coral-red. As these birds are very neat, clean their cage regularly. With good and proper care of the finches can live for about 10 years.


Known for their melodic songs and musical memory of a Canary. They are able to repeat not only the birds, but even the human voice. These little birds are unpretentious, they do not require large cells. Even Canaries are prized for their beautiful yellow color, even a shade of yellow called Canary.


Another interesting bird is the amaranth. It is very small, coloring of the male cherry red, the female olive-brownish.

Whichever bird you choose, with good care, she can be your friend, not just a pet. It’s interesting to watch and playful parrots, teach them to talk and listen to the beautiful singing of songbirds.

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