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Pets and animals
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Once your kid can ask about buying a pet — do not deny.

This “gift” is a future family member and friend for your child, the key to his development as a person.

Certainly not worth buying the first animal. The choice should be approached with knowledge of the case. Here is this knowledge we will try to fill.

What qualities cultivates in the child a pet?

A living being develops in the child a whole range of useful qualities that will be useful in life:

Responsibility. When buying animal immediately check the condition of the child that he must care for the pet, feed him, drive on the street (if necessary). Only with this approach the child will develop a sense of responsibility for a living being, his health and life.

Patience . Set a goal to do simple little daily training. If the house has a dog, then teach with your child to execute any command, for example, to give a paw. You can imagine how much you will need patience to cope with this task. But how much will be the joy and pride in case of success.

The ability to empathize . A pet is a living creature. He needs care and love. He may be ill and have a bad mood. Together with his novenkogo your baby learns to empathize, he becomes kind and sympathetic.

Trust . Communicating with animals requires the confidence of the child. Sharp fangs of a dog or cats teeth can bite. But the kid will trust the pet, and he reciprocates.

Entertainment . The animal can not only feed, treat and educate, but also to play with. Especially good to run with the dog in nature. A lot of bright impressions are guaranteed.

Improvement of communication skills . The child learns to communicate with his friend, to understand it perfectly. He knows when an animal wants to play, to eat, when something hurts or just sad. This is a very useful quality.

What Pets give birth more often?

There is a group of animals that children are asked to buy:

Cat . The animal the least whimsical. It does not require special care and takes up very little space. But the interest drops as the kitten grows up and begins to lazy to run after the bow.

Dogs . These animals occupy the second place. And really, the dog is the friend of the child. You can train her, play with her. Many parents buy this pet to protect the house and the child.

Various rodents (rats, rabbits, hamsters and other animals) are very undemanding and undemanding and economical. To entrust the care of such Pets can even a small child.

The fish in the aquarium can bring a lot of fun for children and relaxation for parents. They will not cause allergies, does not require a constant communication and training. All you need is time to feed and clean the tank.

Birds. Advantage — financial undemanding. Drawback — noise and the need for constant care. For baby birds are more interesting, because with them it is always possible to establish verbal contact and even chat.

How to choose pet?

Psychologists in one voice claim that to choose a pet based on temperament and personality of the child. For example, the phlegmatic child will approach the animals with which we can communicate with sounds and touch — mice, hamsters, Guinea pigs and so on. If your little one bright and cheerful personality, it is better to have a parrot or a Canary. Emotional and thin-skinned child is to buy an aquarium with fish. These Pets will act soothingly.

When choosing a pet you must consider the opinions of all family members. Just need to decide who will feed, care and walk with the animal. Responsibilities should be distributed so that no one was able to escape them.

Be sure to consider the possibility of walking of an animal and the size of the apartment. For example, if the adult is a day no one appears home, the dog will be difficult to follow. In this situation it is better to give preference to a parrot or cat.

Financial opportunities also need to be considered, because the animal needs each day to feed, buy toys, medicine, nursing and so on. In the end, can get a lot of money.

If you buy a pet for your child, then consider the life expectancy of your future pet. For example, cats live about 15 years, hamsters — not for about 3-4 years,, dog is about 14-16 years, and so on. Note that in the summer will want in a vacation. During this period pet will need to to leave someone.

Specific recommendations on the optimal choice of the animal

If you want to raise a sociable child, then the best choice is buy the cat. Such an animal will make your child more balanced, calm. Rodents can teach your child to be more attentive, because the animal is small in size and does not require special care. During the communication you need to control your actions, not to harm.

Bird will bring up in your kid’s patience, especially at the initial stage of learning new words and actions. For nervous kids fit newts, frogs or fish. They will teach the kid to observe and to contemplate. To foster perseverance in the child it is better to prefer a turtle or iguana.

Remember that the animal itself is not able to raise a baby. But you can direct the energy of the baby in the right direction, to show what needs to be done. And then the kid himself will understand and will find its way to training the correct human qualities.

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