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Application Fosprenila: tips owner

This page provides a brief overview on the use of the drug Fosprenil for Pets available for owners form.

The city with bad environment and high stress has a negative impact on the immune system of the animal. Often she works overtime, and needs timely support. Such support is the use of immunomodulators.

What is Fosprenil?

In recent years more and more clearly pronounced trend towards the introduction of domestic and foreign market of drugs and natural substances including vegetable origin.

The healing properties of coniferous trees (cedar, pine, fir) has been known since antiquity.

Substances produced in the needles of conifers, have a broad spectrum of biological activity.

More than 20 years ago, a group of Russian scientists began a large-scale study polyphenolic compounds, in large quantities contained in pine needles. The results of the tests of their effects on the immune system has surpassed the most courageous expectations. Very soon now, the drug having as deistvuuschaia polyprenylated sodium, began to gain more and more popularity. Fosprenil was one of the first drugs with direct antiviral activity, including in the treatment of canine distemper.

The pharmacological properties Fosprenil refers to drugs with immunomodulatory (i.e., a direct impact on the immune system) and antiviral activity.

Let’s consider, in what cases it is expedient to use Fosprenil to provide necessary assistance to the immune system of Pets.

Prevention of infectious viral diseases.

A visit to the exhibition.

So you’ve decided to take the animal to the exhibition. Although any licensed exhibition is the veterinary inspection and the registration on each animal owner is obliged to disclose in advance in vetclinic certificate (form No. 1 or No. 3, depending on the region), unfortunately, there are cases when sick animals still goes to the number of participants.

Besides, any show is additional stress to the animal (ranging from upfront fees and transportation and ending with the massive gathering of strange people and animals). In addition, under stress can “raise your head” chronic or latent disease.

Therefore, any exhibition is providing an incremental load on the immune system of the animal.

To prepare the immune system of the animal and to minimize the effects of stress, it is recommended to use an immunomodulator.

With the preventive purpose before visiting the exhibition Fosprenil is used twice: for 2 days and the day before the exhibition at a dose of 0.05 ml per kg of body weight of the animal. The third injection can be done in the same dose after returning home.

Contact with sick animals.

Infectious diseases in animals and in humans, are transmitted in different ways. The most common airborne, fecal-oral, contact way. If Your pet had contact with a sick or suspicious animals on a disease, Fosprenil is used only once in a prophylactic dose.


Vaccination refers to preventive measures designed to prevent a disease Pets the most common and difficult flowing virus infections. Certain substances have the ability to enhance the vaccine response and contribute to the formation of a long and busy immunity (adjuvant effect).

Fosprenil possesses adjuvant properties and vaccines used in a dose of 0,05 ml per kg body weight simultaneously with the vaccine, but always in different syringes in different points (while injecting), or the preparation may be given, but in a double dose.

Prevention of transport stress.

In case of long transportation is the depletion of compensatory-adaptive abilities of the organism. In order to improve the transfer of harmful impacts and enhance the adaptive capacity of the animal use Fosprenil in a dose of 0,05 ml per kg once before exposure to the stress factor.

Prevention of secondary immunodeficiencies.

Acquired (secondary) immunodeficiencies can occur in the body as a result of the influence of many factors. These include, first of all, previously transferred infectious diseases, severe injuries and operations, the total exhaustion, chronic stress, high radiation, prolonged use of certain drugs, helminthic diseases and some other factors. Most secondary immunodeficiencies are reversible and treatable. For the prevention of secondary immunodeficiencies Fosprenil used only once in a prophylactic dose.


Due to the fact that any infectious disease requires a comprehensive treatment (i.e. use of multiple drugs), Fosprenil in the treatment of animals recommended for use in combination with other drugs (Gamavit, Roncoleukin, etc.). In the treatment of infections, consult your veterinarian.

Therapeutic dosage Fosprenila:

Why Fosprenil?

Fosprenil is one of the few drugs that has both immunomodulatory and antiviral activity. A drug with high therapeutic efficacy is not toxic and has no side effects. Is not alien to the organism compound (polyprenyl phosphates of polyprenyl phosphates to plants similar to animal cells). Easy to use and safe.

The methods of application.

There are various ways of application:

injection (subcutaneous or intramuscular)

as well as feeding (in this case, the dose is increased in 2 times)

The drug can also be used for washing the eyes and nose.


Preventive: 0.05 ml per kg of body weight of the animal

Treatment: 0.2 ml per kg for an adult animal and 0.3 ml per kg for puppies and kittens.

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