What can we learn from animals
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Zoological Museum
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How to train a dog or puppy from scratch beginner?

The training of dogs. How to train a dog and how to start exercising? Where to start to train a dog? What commands in the priority and in what order to teach them a pet. The article will help the novice breeder to understand how to make your dog obedient in any environment.

How to teach your dog the commands as quickly as possible? Newcomers spend more than one month to dogs at least some results. Want to shorten the period of training as much as possible?

What commands for dogs are the most necessary? All the commands of the General course are very important in the process of training. If you have no desire to learn all the commands, you should, at least, to teach the most needed commands. What about how they teach and how later in the article.

How to train your dog or puppy aging? Endurance – based training. If there was exposure, consider that there was and training. In addition to training for ordinary commands, be sure you enter the shutter speed, which will have a positive impact on obedience pet in General.

How to select treats to train your dog? Delicacy is of great importance to successfully train your dog. How proposed treats like the dog, depends how well it will run. About laboratodies Goodies later in the article.

How to use a chain collar for dog training? Do not think that the collar is simply dangerous and harmful to dogs. In the right hands it can significantly simplify the process of training and education, thus saving a lot of time. Ancient discovery never lose relevance.

How to teach your dog the command “come”. One of the most useful commands in training the command “come”. Her dog will hear most frequently, and to obey it in all circumstances. It will have a lot of work, but the result is worth it.

How to teach your dog the “sit” command? The “sit” command is one of the simple commands that you want to teach the dog. Her animal learns very quickly, but the skill is fixed it takes time. A little delicacy and rigor, and you teach the beast to sit on command.

How to teach your dog the command “lie down”? The command “down” is not often used, but to teach her pet a must, especially trained dog is all she has. After this command, the beast will perform it even long after the cessation of training.

How to teach your dog the command “stand”? The command “stand” is used, oddly enough, more often than “lie”. To teach her dog not so simple, and have to spend the time to persistent training. As a result, the dog to train the team and to improve his General obedience.

How to teach your dog the command “next”? It’s hard to imagine walking the dog without the knowledge of the team is “close”. Of course, the dog must not be kept on a leash and to run around in the fresh air, but to walk on a leash it must be strictly near his left foot.

The movement on the command “next” without a leash. After learning to walk on a leash, you can teach a dog to walk without a leash. Besides, learning to go near his feet without a leash will have a positive impact on obedience in General. Remember that a leash may be prohibited by law.

How to teach your dog the command “give”? You might seem that to teach a dog to give things or objects on the master’s order is a waste of time. This team is just learning, and especially useful for those people who are going to cook the dog to protect the owner.

How to train your dog to fetch the remote? Teach your dog to fetch the remote is very useful, primarily, for outdoor walking. Any dog I would not change the game with the host even the most tasty treat. Especially important physical activity owners whose dogs are meant to protect.

How to train your dog or puppy? The puppy or dog should have its own place in the house where she will not interfere. How and where to build the dog’s den, and how to teach it to his place? From the material you’ll learn all about the training venue as soon as possible.

Extract before eating is a step towards establishing leadership. By itself, the excerpt not able to make you a leader in the eyes of the dog. But, in a bag with other methods, it is able to contribute to the process of education. Practicing this command will take lot of time.

How to make a dog angry? How to develop anger? To develop a grudge is easy. Even the most cowardly dog will protect its master and family. From the owner will need persistent training and, most importantly, a good, warm attitude towards the dog. Close contact is very necessary.

How to teach a dog command “FAS”? Any dog that is intended to protect the owner and his family, can be trained to attack an intruder on command “FAS”. Train yourself to attack someone else not work, but using the handler for a couple of classes.

How to train your dog the command “catch”? The command “catch” is not mandatory, moreover, the teaching can be risky business. If the attacker throw the meat with poison inside – the dog will catch and eat it. Therefore, you need to train carefully.

How to teach your dog “speak”? It is not difficult to teach the animal to bark after the command “voice”. However, if you do not control dog barking, she will bark for a reason and without. Better get training more important commands, although I can teach this.

At what age do I start training my puppy? What age to start training a puppy? There are a thousand reasons, but to start classes is never too late. In this article you will learn the correct age of training and get links to the needed material.

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