How to properly care for the offspring of Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs are among the animal species that is well known for its fertility. And to deal with their breeding, is enough to buy a couple of animals of different…

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The impact of Pets on children?
Of course, another living creature in the family increases the level of budgetary expenditure, adds the housework, time consuming, and there is a lot of excuses and rational reasons to…

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Useful notes about the animals

So, the grooming! You decided to do it. It does not matter whether you want to transform care for dogs in a business or take care of their own Pets, will you spend grooming your Schnauzer or Labrador, these tips will help you to organize the workplace and suggest a number of fundamental.

Poultry – entertaining activity, but in it, as in any other case, must be respected certain rules. The people who have decided that poultry growing enough to buy chickens, feed them and give water at the right time, greatly mistaken. It is important everything from incubators and brooders, and ending.

Everyone dreams of a faithful friend who will always be there. Such devotees, uplifting his master even in the most rainy days are Pets. Of course, the content of four-legged friends imposes on its owner certain obligations. Cats, dogs or other Pets.

Little neon – bright attractive fish that delight hobbyists, decorating your presence underwater world. Most fans come across the ordinary or neon blue. But he, like other fellows, are available on the torso and red colors. Red neon received the definition thanks.

A pet is a source of joy, tenderness, affection and excitement for a loving owner and his family. Especially if your favorite four-legged friend is waiting for the offspring. Pregnancy in dogs is a natural process, but, nevertheless,during this period, the expectant mother need special care, food and rest. Sometimes, to notice the pregnancy.

Pets make our life nicer and better, and we thank them for it with warmth and care. But, unfortunately, there are situations, when we face a difficult choice – to decide about the euthanasia of a pet. Now the experts offer the service of euthanasia of animals at home. They will tell you.

If there was a desire to have a kitten, you need to first understand how to take care of it, you must give him food and what not, where to walk and how to properly and effectively teach it to the toilet. It is also important to choose a good store where you can buy.

Many people want to have a pet. If earlier more favoured animals such as cats, hamsters, dogs, today they are increasingly choosing exotic animals. This can be a chinchilla, turtles, ornamental rabbits and other unusual types. Decorative rabbit is bred specifically.

Externally to describe the hyena wasn’t so bad, looking from a far it is very similar to a dog. However, this is not so. Looking closely, clearly differ in some structural features of this predatory animal. The face resembles a Fox, but more thick and short. Hind legs equal in length front.

Fox Fenech — breeding and sale
Every year more and more common domesticated exotic animals, among which a special demand is for African Fox – Fennec Fox. This is the smallest representative of the family of…


Dog training at home.
This section is entirely dedicated to training dogs at home. I will not write banal things about what to train a dog needs a professional, etc. Because it is not,…