Zoological Museum
In the infinite diversity of animals represented in the collections of the Zoological Museum, the visitor is pretty hard to understand – especially if he's here for the first time.…

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Exotic Pets and zoonotic disease
You most likely already know that humans can catch diseases from wild animals. You probably also thought about the diseases that we can get through our interactions with Pets. However,…

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Disease of puppies: big dangers for small dogs

Puppies and old dogs are the biggest “risk group” among all Pets. They often suffer the most dangerous diseases that can lead to serious complications or even death, and that’s why everyone who wants to have at home a dog, you need to know in advance the major disease of puppies and ways of their prevention.

The most frequent diseases.

As adult dogs, and puppies are most often sick infectious diseases, which include:

1 – parvovirus enteritis (dangerous lesions and heart failure); 2 – infectious hepatitis (severe liver damage which for puppies is often fatal); 3 – amazing; 4 – viral respiratory diseases (adenovirus, coronavirus) 5 – rabies and leptospirosis (a deadly infection of animal and humans)

Puppies are mostly subject to the same diseases that dogs. but many of them are deadly primarily because the fragile body with them can not cope alone, so as soon as the puppy appeared in your house, it is best to do all vaccinations in the veterinary clinic.

“Special” disease of puppies.

They can rightly be attributed to congenital malformations and razlicnosti development. To congenital malformations include absence of body symmetry, irregular shape and function of organs and other anatomical abnormalities that lead to the nonviability.

Developmental disorders a puppy may manifest itself in the change of the teeth, the underdevelopment of the bones, joints, curvature of the spine. These conditions require medical correction and only in the course of it can stay behind, leaving no trace on the future. This will help the veterinarian.

And, of course, we must not forget that puppies are due to the activity of his behaviour, curiosity and a little life experience more often than adult dogs suffered from various wounds and injuries. Of course, most bruises are not too dangerous and are treated quickly and completely, but the bone fractures and serious injury can cause to a sharp deterioration in the quality of life of dogs in the future. Therefore, for the safety of Pets need to watch very carefully.

You should also remember that many diseases puppies can begin due to the fact that the animal eats various small toys, balls of wool, pieces of Wallpaper and fabric… It can lead to abrupt blockage of the intestine and, as consequence, – to intestinal obstruction, so the pet games need to observe in the case of “state of emergency” it is better to show the puppy to the vet.

By the way, the owners of the puppies (especially those who have little experience in content dogs at home) should keep in regular contact with a good vet. If necessary the doctor can help not only in practical ways, but even a simple advice that will help to ensure more careful care of your animals and the organization of its safe and full development.

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