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Tips on how to feed a healthy cat

How to feed a healthy cat? How much water must be present in the diet of cats? How often to refresh the food in the bowl? And what bowls should feed your pet? Find out the answers to the main questions about feeding cats.

Cats rarely drink water. You love to drink from “unusual” sources like tap in the kitchen. If we are talking about the bowl, the cat should always have access to a large and wide enough the cat’s whiskers don’t touch the edge, the bowl with clean water.

Use ceramic or metal bowl, because plastic can contain traces of rot water.

The nutrition and health of cats

Schooling to feed. Cats can be picky in food, but the owner to persevere in accustom the pet to high-quality balanced food, as the cat will reconsider their tastes.

Rare spit-up food and vomiting hairballs is a normal phenomenon in cats, but regular vomiting may be associated with a wide range of diseases of the intestinal tract or systemic diseases, so the reasons must find a veterinarian.

The chair shall have a uniform brown color and firm consistency, defecation should take place without any stress, bleeding or mucus.

Principles and tips for healthy nutrition of cats:

Not davitkovski a lot of treats, or use of special feed pellets as treats. — It is better to offer small servings regularly than to feed the cat for one or two doses a day in large portions. — If the cat is used to canned food, dry quickly soak in warm water to soften the consistency. — Wet food can be warmed in the microwave until slightly warm (not hot!) for odor and soften consistency.

If a healthy cat refuses to feed, you will need to change. Cats are by nature selective in the food and consume only the food, taste and smell which they like. They are also prone to food diversity — eating habits can simply “bored.” In all these cases, you should use a special feed for cats with special food preferences. created with a patented technology guaranteeing an excellent taste that pleases even the most finicky cats.

Water, food and even the material from which made the bowl — find out everything you should consider when it comes to feeding cats.

And, of course, the owner of the pet should remember that the nutritional needs of cats change with age and depending on the characteristics of a healthy cat. The pet may need a special diet that will maintain hair and skin in good condition will allow you to control the weight of the pet, support a healthy urinary system of your pet.

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