What are indoor birds?
No one civilization or people were not indifferent to representatives of the feathered Kingdom. All cultures were glorified and revered birds. Many people have or want to have a feathered…

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Decorative Guinea pig skinny
With Kinney (Skinny) – today one of the most popular and exotic types of Guinea pigs, resembling small hippos. A feature of this breed is the lack of the coat…

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The impact of Pets on children?

Of course, another living creature in the family increases the level of budgetary expenditure, adds the housework, time consuming, and there is a lot of excuses and rational reasons to deny a child the pet. And for good reason!

Let’s start with the fact that mere observation of animals helps to improve mood, reduce blood pressure, muscle relaxation, normalizes activity of cardiovascular system. Not to mention the scientifically proven therapeutic effects on the nervous and muscular system of the child’s bodily contact with the fur and feathers of living creatures. Allergic reactions in many cases does not occur in children, which are surrounded by several animals. And Yes, for these children, the immunity to certain infections is increased.

Common aquarium fish and shrimp, like a magnet, attract the children’s attention. Watch the underwater realm children long enough. These observations full of amazing discoveries and joy,as well as help the child to calm down, relax, develop focus and perseverance. Not just in many kindergartens and schools in the living area were fish and turtles.

Remember the beloved animated film based on the fairy tale of E. Uspensky “Three from Prostokvashino”. In it the boy’s Uncle Fyodor leaves home with a cat and a dog. This story perfectly shows the problem of loneliness of a child and the way to do it. Parents are often busy with adult activities, and the child requires constant communication with living beings for the development of the most important properties of the psyche – for example, emotional intelligence, trust to the world, curiosity and responsiveness. If the child has well developed these properties of the psyche, he grows a full, well-rounded person, able to sympathize, to empathize, to sympathize, to care about other people, including the elderly. Communication with animals helps to develop your child’s sense of tact, a sense of its personal space and psychological borders, by the way, is very missing in many modern people in adult life.

The baby animals are often much more understanding than with adults because well-developed them to feel the emotional state of each other. Particularly well-developed emotional communication in animals such as cats, dogs, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, horses. Even domestic birds, such as geese, ducks, parrots, help the child to feel emotional involvement. Small children on behavior are very similar to animals. This is due to the fact that man in his evolutionary development has passed the stage of “mammals”, and the child in order to develop the higher mental characteristics of an adult, initially to help develop a more ancient, in evolutionary terms, functions of the psyche, which is largely due to contact with animals. Ulterior motive in many folk fairy tales protagonist surrounded by loyal aides and companions. Remember some of them: the humpbacked Horse, Mother Cow-burenushka, Sivko-Cloak, the Gray Wolf, the Wise Crow, and many others. In fairy tales is transmitted folk wisdom that allows you to see how to use living beings, namely animals, the main character cope with various psychological and physical difficulties and ailments, acquires new features. And most importantly, these animals help to develop the character of a fundamentally new quality of personality. And many pet owners can confirm that a great emotional support, love, understanding, participation give they are sometimes very difficult situations, can get rid of disturbing thoughts and heavy emotions.

Do not forget that taking care of a pet, the child naturally becomes accustomed to the procedure, responsibility, senses of time and debt. Because children, as to any person, it is important to feel important and benefit. And what could be nicer than to see running back to you little creatures, joyfully welcomed you and appreciative for your concern?

Of course, the lives of many animals many times less than a person’s life. And very difficult for all members of the family take the death of Pets. But here is a psychotherapeutic point. The fact is that human life is finite too. Although the theme of death is one of prohibited in our culture and society, children will ask parents about her issues, and sometimes themselves act out the scenes of death and funerals. Compared to the death of loved ones, death of a pet is not so heavy. Caring for a sick animal and taking part in the ritual at his burial, together with family members sharing the loss, children are experiencing little loss. But in the future, even in adulthood, the loss of loved ones for them will be less traumatic and cause less harm to their psyche. The experience of grief will be natural and will not lead to problems with mental health.

In conclusion we would like to mention that the family in which Pets appear and become more friendly, more unifying and joyful moments. Improving the psychological climate in the family, there is a feeling of belonging and family unity. Not worth it to yourself and your children to refuse such important points.

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