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How to properly care for the offspring of Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are among the animal species that is well known for its fertility. And to deal with their breeding, is enough to buy a couple of animals of different sexes, to put them in the same cage, to provide them with optimal comfort, and to trust nature, which, undoubtedly, will do the trick.

Surprisingly, the female Guinea pigs reach puberty by the end of the first month of life, and ready to produce offspring. Males Mature more slowly and are ready to mate at the age of two months.

After 15-20 days from the date of the last childbirth, the female is again ready to copulate. It is such a short period of time and due to the fecundity of Guinea pigs. Despite the fact that such an order instituted by nature itself, in the home you should keep the health of the female, and if possible to avoid pregnancy more often than once in two months. For this couple for a while sow.

Pregnancy female Guinea pigs lasts about two months. During this time, you need to take care about creating a comfortable environment for future generation. First you should clean the cage, replace if necessary new feeder, place a few extra drinkers. The main thing is to ensure that the feeding of the female in autotweeting period was balanced, was always available fresh drinking water, and in the cell was maintained constant purity. Naturally, the male at that time separate from females.

Newborn pigs need complete rest, and therefore male continues to hold in the insulation and after the birth of cubs. This will help to avoid unforeseen situations and possible health problems born pigs.

Needless to say that only healthy, sturdy and strong individuals can give the same successful offspring. You also need to understand that to buy these funny animals are the best professional breeders, so you protect yourself and your new Pets from possible health complications. In any case, be interested in pedigree animals, information about vaccination and other important documents.

The skin of a healthy newborn calves must be covered with soft and smooth hair. Eyes open around 11 days before the birth, so almost immediately after birth, babies can already see, just like to hear it. Additionally, newborn pigs have already formed cutters.

Typically, a Guinea pig can give birth to one to five cubs. Thus, the fewer animals in the litter, the bigger they are, the more numerous the offspring, the smaller the size of each child. Weight of the pups can be from 45 to 140 grams. However, if the baby weighs less than forty grams, most likely he will not survive. In this case, even with artificial feeding is rarely possible to leave the baby.

When the pups turn four weeks, they can already be weaned from females, and to settle in a separate cell.

As to the power of young, healthy babies from the second day of life can already be given solid food. Also the nature has provided the opportunity for cubs to feed on the droppings of the parent, which contains b vitamins and potassium, substances necessary for the healthy development of growing organisms.

The first 15 weeks of life Guinea pigs characterized by rapid growth and development of animals. Average weight gain is 4 grams daily. On the seventh week there is a natural slowing such a fast pace. Correspondingly, in two-week age, the animals weigh two times more than at birth, and in eight weeks they can weigh about 400 grams.

Surely the owners of Guinea pigs have often thought about the origin of such seemingly inexplicable name. But it has its own assumptions. Consider that these funny animals originally lived on the territory of Europe, and spread from West to East, therefore it can be argued that the name “Guinea pig” tells us that these animals were on the territory of Russia “across the sea”, of course by ships. Germany has become one of the most popular countries of origin of imported animals, therefore the name was “attached” German “Meerschweinchen”, which translated just means “Guinea pig”. Also found another name for pigs, in some countries they are called Indian.

But back to the newborn. Born, after a few hours of nimble kids undertake a study of the surrounding space. They quickly stand up and look already quite independent, so in the first days of life the owner of the animals need to be especially attentive to the behavior of the young.

Typically, a healthy female successfully cope on their own with their offspring, and feed them milk (fat content of 45%) during the month. However the female Guinea pigs have only two nipples, and if the litter is large, the kids have to fight for the right to feast upon first.

As mentioned above, when children reach the age of one month, resettled from their mothers. While girls and boys are placed in different cells, as is known, sexual maturity in Guinea pigs, especially females, comes very quickly.

Do not miss a moment of socialization of animals, as all Pets have to communicate. When babies start eating adult food, this suggests that they are old enough to pay attention to them, to take them in hands and play with them. Otherwise, pet owners run the risk of wild animals, afraid of the living communicating with people. If the original Guinea pigs will not be accustomed to human interaction, any human contact for the animal to be a real stress. To avoid such situations, the process of socialization need to start on time, especially because the process is very enjoyable. During the first contacts with the baby, you need to ensure that there are no sharp movements and loud noises, otherwise the baby may get scared, you can also use various Goodies, but without busting.

Young Guinea pigs are very cute, so take care of them. But one must always remember that this is a very big responsibility. The tasks of the happy owner of the offspring of Guinea pigs is not only pleasant communication, but also to provide comfortable conditions of dwelling of animals, including a clear space, proper nutrition and attention.

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