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Pets and animals
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Interesting facts about Pets

Living together with Pets, people often notice some features of their behavior. This is not surprising because each animal is an individual with his peculiarities and even sometimes weird. Offer you to get acquainted with some little-known facts from the lives of Pets.

– A cat can travel great distances in order to reach their home or owner. Their amazing ability to intuitively choose the road helps them in this difficult case.

– The cat licks her fur not only to make it clean. So she licks extremely necessary for life substance, which contains vitamin D. Also, the licking is a kind of a ritual for maintaining psychic balance of the animal.

– The front paws of cats can rotate in almost any direction and both halves of the cat’s cells – in opposite directions.

Cat ears can rotate 180 degrees.

– The hearing of a cat is unique – she can hear the ultrasonic waves, which is why it can trap and immovable rodent.

– Cat’s eye occupy the largest area in percentage to the whole body of all living beings.

Cat cannot from side to side to move the jaws, which is why it is not able to chew large pieces.

The dog distinguish between blue yellow and red and green confuses.

The dog body temperature is 37.5–39 ° C, heart beats with a frequency of 60-120 beats/min.

Dogs smell is able to determine whether a person has cancerous cells.

– Dogs can’t eat chocolate – they can cause severe poisoning.

– The imprint of the noses of dogs are unique as the pattern on a human finger.

– If too fast or drinking the food your dog begins to hiccup.

Famous spotted dogs Dalmatians are born without spots. They appear on the skin as they Mature.

In Australia there are a few special schools, which teach parrots to talk. Moreover, advanced students are encouraged, leave the undies in the second year.

– Parrots have no vocal cords. They say they are only using the beak and tongue.

– My baby parrots are given names.

– Head parrots can be rotated 180 degrees.

– Before the miners took the Canaries face – while the bird sang, you can work. As soon as the bird stopped singing – it means that the methane concentration in the air exceeded permissible.

– Melodic patterns produce only males, females can not sing.

Before the revolution in Russia, a Canary was the same constant attribute of the home, and as icon.

In addition to interesting facts about Pets and there are a lot of myths, like about everything. but more on that next time.

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