How to choose a pet
1. Every animal requires a certain stroke and inevitably takes some time. First, evaluate the schedule of your life to understand what animal you will be able to provide proper…

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How to train a dog or puppy from scratch beginner?
The training of dogs. How to train a dog and how to start exercising? Where to start to train a dog? What commands in the priority and in what order…

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Why choose school of dog training

Our trainers take an individual approach to each client and solve his problem with a dog, creating a personal work plan.

In our training school work only with certified and licensed instructors in dog training with an experience of over 20 years, trained from the leading specialists in modern methods.

The education of dogs, training a puppy, correction are where You live with Your pet (home, places to walk, parks), so after completing our courses, there is no “syndrome training platform” when the dog obeys You only on the platform on which You worked.

Working with dog distractions as possible (on the street, in a crowd of people, in transport, in the presence of birds, cats. ) allows you to raise a socialized dog that performs the commands anywhere.

We train dogs of all breeds, including mixes, and at any age (no adressierung rocks and there is no age limit).

Correction, appointed after consultation zoopsychology . which reveals the real cause undesirable behavior.

Our school focuses on animal behavior and to establish contact and understanding between owner and dog,not for drill and discipline in the tradition of dog. We do not focus on the standard and actually necessary for life and skills for raising obedient and controllable dog in the city and outside the city.

We believe modern requirements, where the dog starts not to serve, but as a companion dog . On this basis composed our courses. You will not mindlessly do the exercises, and get a detailed answer about the appropriateness of each exercise, about what will happen as a result.

Cynologists of the center strive to create a harmonious relationship in Your family, the dog brings You joy and harmony, and not the trouble – that’s what You got!

Our instructors strive to ensure that You understand your dog, “spoke to her in the same language” and she understood Your actions – hence the birth understanding and a harmonious relationship in Your family. We are guided not by suppression, but by mutual respect in a relationship is the best motivation.

Even a simple dog walking, we attach great importance, therefore, Your dogs are walking instructors-trainers . and not just people without canine education. This is a significant difference between our center from others because we understand the responsibility when You entrust us with your dog.

Babysitting for dogs in our school are also professional handlers who treat Your dog as lovingly as children. We understand how difficult it is to trust your dog, and apartment, for a long time in Your absence, so our team consists of employees who can be trusted, as evidenced by the appreciative feedback from our customers.

Zoogostinitsa (overexposure) is characterized by the fact that Your dog lives in home, no cages, under constant supervision of a dog handler-trainer.

When complete and accurate exercises and recommendations of our instructors we guarantee You manageable and obedient dog . which pleases You and the people around them. Dog obedience will begin to improve after the first class.

The cost of training included: training; leaving the dog to You; the theoretical and practical materials, teaching methodology master of education; advice on keeping and caring for a pet; answers to all Your questions. School for dogs “Gilda” will help You raise an obedient, manageable family companion dog which will be easy and in the city, and the apartment, and outside the city.

We love dogs and want to teach You this!

Quality guarantee

Very careful choice of breeders. All instructors have a College degree, and not one. In our school are not accepted at the work of dog handlers from law enforcement agencies working hard methods. The classes use operant methodology, based on positive emotions, rewards, play, and affection. The result is visible immediately after the first class, provided that the recommendation of the instructor. After 10 sessions the dog follow Your commands, she already has skills. But the owner had already been trained and can continue to build on the team or to continue the course with the instructor. The handlers are professionals with great experience and big heart to work with dogs of any age and breed. Zoopsychology the school find a solution for problems of any complexity. Payment for a single lesson with cash, and not to the whole course immediately. Because of this you pay only when you held classes and continue to do, if the dog is okay. Individual approach and method of training based on animal psychology and positive motivation, allows You to understand Your dog, and You become clear to her.

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