Zoological Museum
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Fox Fenech — breeding and sale

Every year more and more common domesticated exotic animals, among which a special demand is for African Fox – Fennec Fox. This is the smallest representative of the family of canids, the only one who can live at home with appropriate care.

Animal sizes do not exceed the size of the ordinary cat, weighing in at 1.5 kg, the height at the withers is from 18 to 22 inches, and a length of 30-40 cm. Pointed snout crowned by the large ears, which in addition to the hearing, perform the function of thermoregulation, allowing the Fox to tolerate high temperature. The cubs are white, but the adults acquire a red or yellow shade of silky wool.

Home maintenance and care.

Fennec Fox as a pet is considered to be fairly undemanding and easy to maintenance. Due to the docile and gentle nature of foxes easily find common language not only with all family members and Pets. The only thing you need to remember, the Fennec Fox is a nocturnal creature. In the dark the pet can Wake up hunting instincts. So, miniature Fox can start to dig holes, to be worn around the apartment to drop things off the table, chew wires and stuff. Therefore, the owners need to be patient and provide a plan of action in such case. For example, you can select either a spacious aviary, or an entire room for prozhivaniem. It should be noted that Fennec easily tamed to the tray.

It is important to remember that this creature is very poorly tolerate drafts and low temperatures. Posturas, Fenech is very seriously ill, which can lead to death. Therefore, Pets should be vaccinated, that will alert a number of dangerous infectious diseases.

Fox practically omnivorous. At home they need primarily meat products: minced lean meat, rodents and insects that are purchased in pet stores. Be superfluous fruits and vegetables. Fennec is able for a long time to go without water, extracting liquid from vegetable products.

Miniature foxes breed once a year. During the breeding season, which occurs usually in February, the males can become very aggressive and begin to mark their territory. Directly pregnancy lasts about 50 days, because in the spring there are 2 to 6 cubs, weighing less than 50 grams. Because the female in the course of two weeks, until the cubs opened his eyes, very aggressive, she needs to arrange a special place, reminding Nora that she feel comfortable. At five weeks the pups begin to explore the world, but only in 3 months they are ready to leave your family. Puberty Fennec reach in 6-9 months. Animals live 10-12 years.

Are Fennec expensive, with the price of females is significantly higher. The minimum amount is 65.000-70.000 rubles per Fox, about the same now stand lemurs Laurie .

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