Dog training at home.
This section is entirely dedicated to training dogs at home. I will not write banal things about what to train a dog needs a professional, etc. Because it is not,…

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The impact of Pets on children?
Of course, another living creature in the family increases the level of budgetary expenditure, adds the housework, time consuming, and there is a lot of excuses and rational reasons to…

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Application Fosprenila: tips owner

This page provides a brief overview on the use of the drug Fosprenil for Pets available for owners form.

The city with bad environment and high stress has a negative impact on the immune system of the animal. Often she works overtime, and needs timely support. Such support is the use of immunomodulators.

What is Fosprenil?

In recent years more and more clearly pronounced trend towards the introduction of domestic and foreign market of drugs and natural substances including vegetable origin.

The healing properties of coniferous trees (cedar, pine, fir) has been known since antiquity.

Substances produced in the needles of conifers, have a broad spectrum of biological activity.

More than 20 years ago, a group of Russian scientists began a large-scale study polyphenolic compounds, in large quantities contained in pine needles. The results of the tests of their effects on the immune system has surpassed the most courageous expectations. Very soon now, the drug having as deistvuuschaia polyprenylated sodium, began to gain more and more popularity. Fosprenil was one of the first drugs with direct antiviral activity, including in the treatment of canine distemper. Continue reading

Tips on how to feed a healthy cat

How to feed a healthy cat? How much water must be present in the diet of cats? How often to refresh the food in the bowl? And what bowls should feed your pet? Find out the answers to the main questions about feeding cats.

Cats rarely drink water. You love to drink from “unusual” sources like tap in the kitchen. If we are talking about the bowl, the cat should always have access to a large and wide enough the cat’s whiskers don’t touch the edge, the bowl with clean water.

Use ceramic or metal bowl, because plastic can contain traces of rot water.

The nutrition and health of cats

Schooling to feed. Cats can be picky in food, but the owner to persevere in accustom the pet to high-quality balanced food, as the cat will reconsider their tastes.

Rare spit-up food and vomiting hairballs is a normal phenomenon in cats, but regular vomiting may be associated with a wide range of diseases of the intestinal tract or systemic diseases, so the reasons must find a veterinarian.

The chair shall have a uniform brown color and firm consistency, defecation should take place without any stress, bleeding or mucus. Continue reading

Fox Fenech — breeding and sale

Every year more and more common domesticated exotic animals, among which a special demand is for African Fox – Fennec Fox. This is the smallest representative of the family of canids, the only one who can live at home with appropriate care.

Animal sizes do not exceed the size of the ordinary cat, weighing in at 1.5 kg, the height at the withers is from 18 to 22 inches, and a length of 30-40 cm. Pointed snout crowned by the large ears, which in addition to the hearing, perform the function of thermoregulation, allowing the Fox to tolerate high temperature. The cubs are white, but the adults acquire a red or yellow shade of silky wool.

Home maintenance and care.

Fennec Fox as a pet is considered to be fairly undemanding and easy to maintenance. Due to the docile and gentle nature of foxes easily find common language not only with all family members and Pets. The only thing you need to remember, the Fennec Fox is a nocturnal creature. In the dark the pet can Wake up hunting instincts. So, miniature Fox can start to dig holes, to be worn around the apartment to drop things off the table, chew wires and stuff. Therefore, the owners need to be patient and provide a plan of action in such case. For example, you can select either a spacious aviary, or an entire room for prozhivaniem. It should be noted that Fennec easily tamed to the tray. Continue reading

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