Fox Fenech — breeding and sale
Every year more and more common domesticated exotic animals, among which a special demand is for African Fox – Fennec Fox. This is the smallest representative of the family of…

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Advice to owners to Help homeless animals
Daily because of irresponsible owners there are hundreds of kittens and puppies. Add to that number the offspring of stray animals on the streets, and the result is frightening. In…

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Whom to choose in Pets

Living in huge cities, people are often completely divorced from nature. And to fill this gap in my life having a pet. The diversity of domestic animals is amazing. You can create anything, from rodents to snakes.

In order to have a pet, you should think about how to provide decent accommodation pet in your territory. It needs to be fed, to live in a suitable place for him and secured the attention of the owners.

Usually Pets people take cats. They clean, they do not need to walk on the street. For those who wants to receive affection and positive, there is no best alternative. You will be warm, soothing purr, if you are nervous and to please their attention. Receive more than 250 types of cats. Cat food should be varied. Cats have to feed fish and meat products, cheese and milk, i.e. products containing protein. And the fact that she chooses the cat. She may also be eating habits. Some prefer vegetables and fruits. Cats live for about fifteen years.

They are second Pets. Faithful, giving their love to the owner and sometimes are so funny, they will be your friends for life. Dog is well trained and if you have enough patience, you to two years will be able to perform different commands. Is extremely important for them diet. Dog food should consist of meat, fruits and vegetables, Continue reading

Tips for raising animals

Before you decide to start in the home your cat, you need to understand that this is not just a toy, not just a pretty furry creature, cute lying on the couch. It is also a great responsibility for many years, the entire cat life. Some cats can live an average of 14 years of age, but there were cases when cats lived to 19 or 20 years old. In the first few months will have to perform the functions of parents for a little kitten. It is the child who needs to learn a lot. Namely, to accustom to the place where he will eat, sleep where you want to go to the toilet.

The raccoon is a carnivorous mammal commonly found in South and North America. The size is about 0.5 meter, with a fluffy striped tail, 25-30 cm long and weighing about 9 kg. Got your love for thieving sly glance, feet with strong toes and funny faces with a “mask”.

When the decision to have a raccoon you need to consider several important conditions:

If you decide to have a kitten, but you already have at home an adult cat or dog, you are probably thinking about how to make friends whether they will accept each other. Often people are worried about the fact that animals will fight. Practice shows that cats normally get along with each other and even with dogs, however, the animal must undergo a period of adjustment and getting used to each other.

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The clinical diagnosis of internal diseases of animals
Diagnosis (gr. diagnostikos — able to recognize) — section of clinical veterinary medicine that studies methods of recognition of disease. Each disease or pathological process is accompanied by certain symptoms…


Tips for raising animals
Before you decide to start in the home your cat, you need to understand that this is not just a toy, not just a pretty furry creature, cute lying on…