If a guy against buying a pet
It often happens that girls are faced with the reluctance of her boyfriend to have any kind of pet. To solve this problem, need to figure out the real reason…

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Exotic Pets and zoonotic disease
You most likely already know that humans can catch diseases from wild animals. You probably also thought about the diseases that we can get through our interactions with Pets. However,…

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Pets for children. Who do you choose?

However, whether to agree to such entreaties. That can give a pet to a child? What difficulties await Your family in the future. And if to buy,: parrot, rodent, dog or other pet? All these and other questions, we analyze in detail in our today’s article.

The article will include the following topics:

Whether to buy a pet for a child?

We know that all animals shed and smell. And yet, for children pre age the positive effect from contact with a pet far outweighs the cost of it.

Children who have a pet, have many advantages which include the possibility of nonverbal communication, they develop a capacity for compassion, care and other important quality. Caring for animals develops children’s self-esteem and real confidence in their abilities. Pet owners know firsthand that such selfless love, devotion and sincere affection, they know more about reproduction, babies, illness, and death and grief. And it does not matter who lives the frog or the dog. Small pet owners are more independent that helps them easier to engage in a Mature, responsible age of a teenager. Kids often talk to their Pets, trust them with your secrets. Availability not ability auditclasses later will help children to build trusting relationships with people.

Organizational issues about Pets for kids

Children enough adults for the institution of an animal?

Preschool children are usually too small to assume full responsibility for the animal. They will need your help and repeated reminders to give your pet food or water. But seven or eight-year-old guys can take on the entire burden of responsibility. Continue reading

ANAESTHESIA: is it worth it to fear?

Anesthesia – a somewhat outdated concept, represents the overall (full) anesthesia – the state of specific deep sleep with the absence of all kinds of sensitivity.

Anesthesia is a necessary condition for humane and high-quality of the majority of surgical operations. General anesthesia (narcosis) the Russian owners of animals involves a lot of conjectures and prejudices. We offer You a modern look professional on some aspects of anesthesia and other anesthesia of cats and dogs.

1. Anesthesia (analgesia, more precisely analgesia) when performing painful surgical manipulations and operations – humane measure, redeems the animal from additional suffering, and if serious interventions – to prevent the death of the animal from pain. In addition, the animal is in a state of anaesthesia is not moving, allowing the surgeon to freely perform all manipulations (if the animal moves – IT is NOT ANESTHESIA).

2. Don’t confuse anesthesia with immobilization (relaxation, sedation of the animal under the action of special drugs). To Immobilise animals are used xylazine (Rometar, Xila), acepromazine (Wetransfer) and Domitor. These drugs HAVE almost NO ANALGESIC EFFECT, they only reduce reaction to pain, i.e., the animal feels pain, but it cannot adequately respond.These drugs allow for the inspection and is not painful/uncomfortable procedures in cases of moving or aggressive animals. In addition, these funds are used as a COMPONENT of General anesthesia (narcosis). Continue reading

Unusual Pets that you can make a home
Increasingly, the residents become exotic iguanas. Beautiful green color reptile perfectly adapted to any environment, accustomed to the owner and are well trained. First equip a place to live iguana.…


Fox Fenech — breeding and sale
Every year more and more common domesticated exotic animals, among which a special demand is for African Fox – Fennec Fox. This is the smallest representative of the family of…